2D Arcade Game Intro

The main aim of these pages is to show how to create a simple 2D shooting arcade game similar to Space InvadersGalaxian and Galaga. From this basic game, you will learn enough game creation principles to create other 2D games.

The game will be made for Windows using Visual Studio Community, C++ and Direct X.

I chose Microsoft Windows as the books I was reading were based on Windows. When I first chose to learn how to make games back in the year 2000, there were not many books or online information then for other platforms. 

I will use Win32 to make the game for the desktop first so that I can get the game off the ground and I can share it by creating a .exe (executable) file. Windows has gone the way of the “app” which is harder to share unless I put it on the Windows Store, but luckily you can still make apps that run without resorting to this.

I am aiming to make the game available on other systems eventually but I am mainly concentrating on creating my 3D action and adventure game.