Setup Tools

Platform and Language

have decided to program the game for Microsoft Windows 10 using C++ with Direct X (version 12).  I will code it for the desktop / laptop computer.

Use a computer of your choice to make the game, but get something with reasonable specs – if you can play a 3D game on your computer without much lag, chances are it has reasonable specs 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a high end computer – just midrange. Gaming desktops / laptops have come down in price a lot. I use a midrange iMac running Mac OS/X on one side and bootcamp to run Windows 10 natively.

If you are new to C and C++, some good websites / books are below:


Make sure that you backup your files. I have a time machine backup, but I also backup to the cloud (e.g.: OneDrive, Apple Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). You could use several USB drives as well. Also I use GitHub to put my code online, but it can serve as a backup as well.

With code, you can also enable source control or version control via Git – this will help store different versions of your code without deleting your files.

Software for Coding (Compiler) – Windows

You need to install a C++ compiler. This is a tool that will help you to program your game for Windows.

Download and install Microsoft’s free Visual Studio Community compiler. You will need to create a Microsoft account if you don’t have one.

When installing Visual Studio Community, tick the Desktop Development with C++, then press the Install button.

Developer Mode

When running Visual Studio, your computer might ask you to put your computer in Developer Mode (under Settings -> Update & Security). This enables you to be able to debug or test your app.