2D Arcade Starting App

Below and the next few pages will describe how to create a 2D Arcade App. The following is the starting point of the App. We need to create a project to house our app code.

Microsoft Windows & Xbox

Create a new project using Visual Studio Community. I chose the Core App (C++/WinRT) using Universal Windows (UWP). This will be our starting point for the app.

Then give your project a name. Mine is Star Invaders.

Choose the Windows version – I just accepted the default.

To see what this app does, press the green play button as below. This will build the app and then run it. Ensure you select x64

You should see the following. I clicked on the window with the mouse which gave the coloured rectangular squares.

If you go to the Windows start menu, you can see your app and run it.

Apple iOS & MacOS

In Xcode, create a new project and select Game and iOS. This is the app for the iPhone and iPad. Later we will add the Mac OS desktop app as well to this project.

I added my game name and company name (make one up). I added my Apple account by clicking on Add account…

Select where to save your project. I enabled Git source control – this will keep track of source code versions.

Click on the blue Star Invaders on the top left, then click on Targets, then click on the plus sign underneath to add another target. We will add the Mac OS app to this.

Select macOS and Game as below.

I named it Star Invaders MacOS

Press the Play button and select iPhone. This will build your project and create an iPhone simulator (this can be chosen to what you prefer) or you can build it directly to your phone or even iPad (you will need to give your app permission to run under General -> Settings -> Device Management -> Apple Development)

This will show you the iPhone view:

If you press on the screen, you get some coloured rectangles:

Your App will display below if you press the home button of the phone

Select Star Invaders MacOS and then press the Play button and select the MacOS. You will see it as below.