2D Arcade Win UWP RT App

This page goes through on how to build the 2D Arcade app using Windows UWP (Universal Windows App) with WinRT. This will work with Windows 10 and also Xbox.

Create a new project using Visual Studio Community. I chose the Core App (C++/WinRT) using Universal Windows (UWP). This will be our starting point for the app.

Then give your project a name. Mine is Star Invaders.

Choose the Windows version – I just accepted the default.

To see what this app does, press the green play button as below. This will build the app and then run it. Ensure you select x64

You should see the following. I clicked on the window with the mouse which gave the coloured rectangular squares.

If you go to the Windows start menu, you can see your app and run it.

UWP / WinRT App code

Initially the template is written in C++/WinRT but doesn’t contain any DirectX code or game code as yet.

This code contains a basic Direct2D app which we will use later on.