3D Game Starting App

Below and the next few pages will describe how to create a 2D Arcade App. The following is the starting point of the App. We need to create a project to house our app code.

Microsoft Windows & Xbox

Create a new project using Visual Studio Community. I chose the DirectX 12 App using Universal Windows. This will be our starting point for the app.

Then give your project a name. Mine is called Blindfate

Choose the Windows version – I just accepted the default.

To see what this app does, press the green play button as below. This will build the app and then run it.

You should see a rotating cube as below:

If you look at the Start menu on Windows, you will see the App there and you can run it.

Apple iOS / Mac

Create a new project in Xcode. Select the iOS Game first.

Type the name of the game. I logged into my Apple account under Team. Select Objective-C and Metal.

Select the location for your project

Click on the Blue Blindfate iOS and add a new Target by clicking on the plus sign underneath “TARGETS”.

Select the macOS Game this time:

Pick a name – this time with MacOS

Select the MacOS version, and press the Play button

You will see a rotating coloured cube as below

Now select the iOS app and your device of your choice via a Simulator. You can also build it directly to your phone or even iPad (you will need to give your app permission to run under General -> Settings -> Device Management -> Apple Development)

You will see the 3D rotating cube on the iOS device: