2D and 3D Games Development

These pages are a series of tutorials about how to go about creating 2D and 3D games for Windows, though information about games on other operating systems is also provided. The focus is on creating 2D and 3D computer games, so once you know how to do it for one computer system, you can use the knowledge on other platforms such as consoles and mobile devices.

I am a novice games developer who is learning to create games as part of a hobby. I am working on a space invaders type 2D game and a 3D first person adventure game where the user can manipulate multiple objects. It will be similar to a First Person Shooter (FPS) style of game with an adventure game feel. I am also working on some educational games as well.

Note that these webpages are a work in progress and new material will be added as I get time . Occasionally pages may be reorganised slightly and also some pages may be marked as "Not Yet Complete" to at least have some starting material on topic present as well as some source code.

My motivation in creating these pages was due to the fact that there are not many simple instructions on creating games around without reading hundreds of pages or thousands of lines of code. My aim is to make game creation as simple as possible by following a step by step approach.

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