2D Platformer Game Design


A good idea is to think about where to start and what features you would like for your platformer game. Think about which platformer games you played and thought were fun.

Initial Game Design 

After your brainstorm session, think about what to include in your game design.

Here is the game design so far (not in any particular order): 

  • Name of your game 
  • Design of starting screen 
  • Design of configuration screen (keyboard assignments, etc) 
  • A storyline for the game to set it in context 
  • Design of leaderboard screen to show high scores and save to disk 
  • Artwork – scrolling backgrounds, player, enemies, etc.
  • Special sounds
  • Background music while user is playing 
  • Design of end screen which will include credits 
  • Design of different levels and degree of difficulty 
  • Scoring system
  • What fonts to use for the text on the screen 
  • What background screen to use?  
  • Keys that the player uses to play 
  • Add any special effects? 

Game Name 

I decided to call the game RuzPlatformer for now – will change it later on.