2D Arcade Game – Star Invaders

The main aim of these pages is to show how to create a simple 2D shooting arcade game similar to Space InvadersGalaxian and Galaga.

Click on the arrow to expand the menu to get started on making the game.

There is a section on the design of the game, then each menu item describes how to make the game for a particular device or system.

Game – RuzInvaders Version 1.0

I started with the bare basics to make the game functional as I was learning on how to make a 2D game. I called this game RuzInvaders initially.

At the moment I only have one level with only 3 aliens, the player’s ship, and I am keeping score.

The source code is here. It was made using DirectX version 9.

Game Version 2 – Star Invaders

The next step is to make the game more complete and create better graphics and game play. I have now named it Star Invaders.

Follow the latest code on GitHub here.