Some Resources for Making Games

Below are some links to resources for making games.

For those new to Games Design and programming

Here are some other people’s tips / opinions on those that are new to games programming. Don’t get discouraged and take some opinions with a grain of salt.

For those new to coding concepts, some fun ways to learn via games:

Games Research and History

Sometimes it’s useful to research and play games in order to figure out what type of game you would like to make. Some links to this effect are below.

Programming Languages and Compilers

Game Engines / Game APIs

Sample Game Source Code & Games Created

Mod Tools and Info



Games Development

2D Art Software

  • Gimp (Free software for 2D artwork / image manipulation – runs on Windows / Linux / Mac – can open Photoshop files)
  • Adobe Photoshop (for 2D artwork / image manipulation – expensive but a very good program – runs on Mac too)
  • Paintshop Pro (for 2D artwork / image manipulation)

3D Modelling Software

  • Blender (Free 3D modeller – runs on Linux too)
  • 3D Studio Max (3D modeller by Autodesk)
  • Maya (3D modeller by Autodesk)
  • Gmax (Free 3D modeller – not supported by Autodesk anymore – “cut down” version of 3D studio max)
  • Milkshape (3D modeller)
  • Lightwave (3D modeller)
  • ZBrush – fantastic for modelling characters
  • Google Sketchpad – an easy to learn 3D modeller
  • Anim8tor free software

2D and 3D Artwork

Music Software

Music & Sound Effects

Virtual Reality (VR)