3D Game

Click on the arrow to expand the menu to get started. The latest code for this game is here on GitHub. The pages are organised as follows.

Game design

  • 3D Game Design – top level design elements of the game including overview, gameplay, user interface and sound
  • Overview of game assets needed to be created for the game – just general software that is needed
  • 3D Level Design – the story levels in detail including assets for each level. The submenu underneath is how I created level 1, level 2, etc. I have made this independent of the game engine used.

App Specific code

Each menu item contains information to create the game app using a specific gaming device:

  • win32 – the game is for the Windows Desktop – focuses on creating a basic game engine from scratch
  • windows GDK – the game is for Windows (PC, Tablet, etc) and Xbox using the MS Game Dev Kit
  • Mac OS/X / iOS – the game is for Mac OS/X and iOS (iPad / iPhone)
  • Unity – 3D game using the Unity Engine
  • Unreal – 3D game using the Unreal Engine

That way you can try a few ways to see what suits your game the best. The first 3 options are creating your game engine from scratch using APIs from Microsoft or Apple. The learning curve is quite big.

Using Unity and / or Unreal can speed up the process of making your 3D game as a lot of functionality is built in. They only charge once you make a certain level of income.

At the moment, I am focusing on making the game using the Unreal engine as it seems to be the quickest way to get started on making my game.