3D Game Input and Camera

Game input is where the user or player controls the game somehow. This can be done with a keyboard, mouse, gamepad or touchscreen.

The camera represents what the player is looking at on the screen. In a FPS game, the camera can be the player’s “eyes”. If you have a 3D game where you can see the actual player, you can imagine that this camera is “floating” behind the player’s head – hence you can see both the player and what is around the player.

When the gamer moves around the screen, for example, they walk backwards, then you need to move the camera backwards. The 3D object that the gamer is looking at will then appear slightly smaller.

For our game, the controls will be as below.


  • W – move forwards
  • S – move backwards
  • A – rotate left
  • D – rotate right
  • Spacebar – move up
  • X – move down
  • 1 – show wireframe of the 3D graphics

Microsoft Windows & Xbox

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Apple iOS & MacOS

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